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Omer Anatot
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Born (1971-11-10) November 10, 1971 (age 49)
Haifa, Israel
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Marketing
  • MBA majoring in Marketing and E-Commerce
Alma mater
  • Rupin College of Management
  • City University of New York
  • Digital Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Expert
Years active1996 – Present
OrganizationTerra Firma Internet Consulting LTD
TitleCEO / Owner

Omer Anatot (born 10 November 1971) is an Israeli serial entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketing expert. Anatot is the founder of several successful startups, including AI Commerce Solutions, Install Labs Ltd., and others. He is best known for his marketing, advertising, and business development skills. Anatot specializes in building digital brands for high profile clientele and has been an integral part of several successful startups in New York, including Hotbar.[1]

Anatot was also a part of dBook Ltd., one of the first e-commerce sites in Israel, which gained much popularity back in the day, and was considered The Israeli Amazon.

Early life and education

Anatot was born in Haifa, Israel, on 10 November 1971. He attended the Rupin College Management in 1996 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business marketing while heading the Israeli representation desk of global motorcycle accessories companies. After moving to New York in the year 2000, Anatot pursued an MBA degree at City University of New York, specializing in advertising and e-commerce, and joined the pioneering company Hotbar and later on led and invested in several startups in NYC and Israel.


Anatot served in the Israeli army as a combat fighter and later on as a combat medic in a secret unit.

Anatot commenced his career in 1996 when he became the vice president of sales at MMG ISRAEL Ltd., a music copyright management company representing the biggest music publishers in the world. He worked with this company for almost three years before joining dBook Ltd.

In 1999 Anatot was hired by dBook Ltd., one of the first e-commerce sites in Israel, as a vice president of marketing and business development. Anatot worked for almost two years with this company and contributed to several projects, offering his expertise and executing strategies to bring in profitable sales. dBook gained much popularity and was even considered as the Israeli Amazon – for building a successful E Com brand from scratch.

After a hiatus of three years (dedicating his time to successfully graduate the MBA program and raising his first daughter), Anatot joined Hotbar Inc. (Zango), a New York-based digital marketing platform in 2004. For over a year as a senior analyst, Anatot contributed to the development of analysis and prediction tools that support strategic marketing decisions and business growth. He was also responsible for internal inventory management and strategic client support.

In 2005 Anatot, joined Carrera Marketing LLC, a leading behavioral targeting company based in New York as a partner and served as VP of business development and Ad-Ops. Anatot worked with this company for over three years, sharing his expertise in the domain and contributing to the company’s success.

After returning to Israel' Anatot co-founded AI Commerce Solutions in 2008 assuming the role of a vice president of business development. Anatot’s company specialized in price comparison solutions and offered services ranging from software-based and browsers extensions to global shopping-related XML feeds. After working for over two years with this company, Anatot sold his company to a market-dominating US-based content delivery company.

In 2011, Anatot again leaped to take an entrepreneurial adventure by co-founding Install Labs Ltd., a company that provided software and utility browser extensions for people and businesses. Anatot, within five years, managed to serve over 150 million users around the world with this firm.

In 2015, Anatot's wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he left all business activities.

After two years, Anatot was appointed as the CEO of EverythingMe Launcher in late 2016. EverythingMe is a launcher app that focuses on delivering additional contextual and targeted capabilities to mobile phones users in order to optimize the usage of apps on the mobile phone and offer users with relevant content. The company had developed algorithms that combine machine learning, statistical modeling, and domain knowledge expertise to identify specific life scenarios.


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