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Mark Roemer
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationBachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management
Alma materUniversity of California
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Entrepreneur
Spouse(s)Sharon Griffin (deceased)
  • Paul F. Roemer Jr. (father)
  • Marcia Ede (mother)

Mark Roemer is an American real estate mogul and entrepreneur.[1] He is best known for renovating properties and offering luxury rental homes in the San Francisco Bay area. Romer specializes in residential real estate and building multi-residential units in easy to access locations. He is an expert in value-add and repurposing real estate opportunities and has extensive knowledge of city zoning and tenants’ rights laws.[2]

Roemer is a pioneer of real estate ownership and management. He owns multiple multi-unit properties in seven of the best locations and has successfully built and retained a strong team of employees. Romer has also acquired many limited-liability companies in the San Francisco Bay area.[3]

Early life and education

Roemer was born in Oakland, California, to Marcia Ede and Paul F. Roemer Jr. He is the oldest of three children and has strong family roots in Oakland, California, and the San Francisco Bay area. Roemer attended Piedmont Middle School and Piedmont High School before studying at the University of Arizona. He then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in real estate from San Jose State University.

Roemer also has an extensive volunteer experience of over ten years. He has volunteered for Alameda County Community Food Bank for six years, where he worked on disaster and humanitarian relief. He was also an assistant animal welfare worker for the Friends of Oakland Animal Services for over four years.


Roemer piqued an interest in real estate at the age of 14 when he worked as an apprentice in the construction business. The experience, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, provided a solid foundation for his career. Recognizing the tremendous potential of the East Bay, Roemer concentrated his efforts in the area. He started with a single property in Oakland and worked on to become an owner of seven luxurious properties across the San Francisco Bay area. The highlighting feature of the properties owned by Roemer is that he offers a personalized touch to each one of them.

These properties include:

34th Street Property

This property is a culmination of modern as well as a rustic mid-century house. It consists of off-street parking with an onsite laundry facility and a rear detached garage. Roemer remodeled this house to provide separate entrances for all tenants, and individual addresses for mail delivery.

56th Street Property

This property is located in a NOBE-Prime location and consists of two large bedrooms and a completely remodeled interior. Roemer also included hardwood floors and several built-ins with a separate garage for each unit. There is also a third garage that acts as an extra storage space.

Athol Property

This property comprises 18 studio apartment units and is a culmination of the signature San Francisco style with an old-world charm. All the units have hardwood floors and built-ins along with extra storage space. Roemer also built separate off-street parking with extra garage space. It is located near all the public transportation services.

Excelsior Property

This property is currently in the process of being split into two legal units. The upstairs unit will be built with a touch of old-world charm and include built-ins with two bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a large remodeled eat-in kitchen. The downstairs unit will feature three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a wet bar, and a new kitchen. Both the units will include off-street parking and extra storage space.

Hanover Property

This property is divided into two sections, containing 10 units each and a courtyard. Roemer restored this building with new roofs and extensive landscaping adding five fire alarm systems. Each unit in this property consists of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and storage space with off-street parking space.

Park Boulevard Property

This rental property was remodeled by Roemer to provide spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. It consists of a luxurious kitchen with granite countertops and hardwood flooring.

Wayne Avenue Property

It is a luxurious apartment building owned by Roemer. The property consists of several spacious units with a two bedroom and two bath layout. All the units are remodeled with newly constructed kitchens and bathrooms. The top floor is a custom penthouse with a downtown San Francisco cityscape. The property also includes off-street parking and a 24/7 laundromat.

Personal life

Roemer married Sharon Griffin in 1979, and they were together until she died in 2016. They raised three children, and he is a grandfather to two grandchildren.

Roemer has a knack of enjoying adventurous sports. He spends his free time traveling, cycling, hiking, walking, boating, white-water rafting, and skiing. Roemer is an avid golfer with memberships at several prestigious clubs.


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